Monday, December 16, 2013

Winter 2010 Canada Goose fur Aviator Hat and Jacket

In the small world of sunglasses, the aviator style is fashionable.Why should it be any different in that headgear ? For this winter 2010 Canada Goose has chosen to launch the Aviator Hat, a hat that adopts a coyote fur hat and fur cut to combine aesthetics and thermal comfort.

A practical and attractive accessory

Besides this fur Aviator Hat Canada Goose can build on its down lining thick and fluffy goose to protect yourself from the cold while its water repellent outer fabric protects against rain and snow.Practice and completely on trend,this fur hat, pardon this Aviator Hat, has everything to be one of the essential accessories this winter.

Canada Goose and Levi's : these two great brands with unique and timeless confections have decided to combine their talents to produce a small collection of styles for men, which will be available in early October. A collection that you can find in concept stores and larger shops the globe,mainly in Paris,London and New York.

Common objectives of the two brands

On the one hand,Canada Goose,a brand that produces clothing for men and whose primary concern is to provide models able to withstand the weather.On the other hand,Levi's, a brand known for the unique style of these creations and we no longer need to present.The common two niche brands : quality.

Thus, a collaboration between them was inevitable. For their new collection, and Levi's Canada Goose mix each their peculiarities, their aesthetics. Canada Goose Outlet puts forward mainly red and gold colors,Levi's, his own style and denim and leather materials.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Canada Goose iconic winter parka 2013

The down jumper you just bought at a price reduction price to keep the particular cold out this winter could actually contain bird elements and feces.

That's the message Canada Goose, the maker from the iconic winter parka, can be bringing to Parliament Hill Thursday in an effort to convince the Canadian authorities to do more to hack down on counterfeit products, expected to hit an international value of more than $1.6 trillion by 2015.

The committee of the House associated with Commons is investigating Canada's ip regime, and Kevin Spreekmeester, Europe Goose's vice-president of global marketing, isn't gonna mince words when he seems as a witnesses Thurs ..

Company tests present some Chinese-made fakes of Canada Goose jackets don't include any down in any way but are filled with manufacturer scraps. And instead of coyote fur on fur-trimmed hoods, some counterfeiters use raccoon dog, any species native to Parts of asia, he says.

They were full of feather mulch, so that could be anything on the factory floor, from airborne dirt and dust to feathers for you to bird parts. There were feces found in this. There was mildew, there is bacteria,Spreekmeester said in a interview Wednesday, characterizing the particular findings as disgusting.

In terms of a health hazard, taking that stuff in the country is not a wise decision. And secondly, if you're fooled into getting a counterfeit jacket and also you're expecting to keep you warm and protect you from your cold in severe situations, you endure the risk of frostbite or most severe,he said.

Spreekmeester, who also serves as co-chair of the Canada Intellectual Property Council, affirms it's time to give Canada border agents the ability to seize counterfeit products.

Canada is one of the only international locations in the world right now that doesn't allow its border patrol that ex officio strength.

The Office of the United States Industry Representative, in a specific report last year, makes the same recommendation, saying Canada should provide its Practices officials with ex lover officio authority to properly stop the transit regarding counterfeit - products by way of its territory.

In the absence of any formal insurance plan, Spreekmeester said Canadian border officials can notify manufacturers if you have a good relationship with them, nevertheless they just don't have the chance to do it. What we're expressing is throughout The european countries, we work with border control, it's a cost-neutral process because we purchase the detainment and damage of counterfeit product or service, but they are at least able to stop it and hold it and send the manufacturer as well as notable party the inquiry,said Spreekmeester.

He or she hailed as a landmarkdetermination a recent judgment from the District Court associated with Stockholm in favour of Canada Goose Within it, the company was granted more than $100,000 within damages and two everyone was sentenced to prison with regard to selling thousands of phony Canada Goose jackets over 10 years in Sweden.

The Canadian federal government also needs to step up its efforts to take lower rogue websites which peddle discounted knock-offs, explained Spreekmeester, although he acknowledges that is trickier as compared to granting new power to border control officials.

The market price for Canada Goose straight down vests starts at $275, and jackets go all the way up to $1,600, each with a hologram in its seam as proof of authenticity.

Drake and his OVO (October's Very Own) imaginative group recently worked with with Canada Goose to design a limited edition Chilliwix winter season coat. The jumper was released last weekend in select men's boutiques across North America. They retail for $900. Drake, Oliver El-Khatib & producer Noah 40?? Shebib came out at the lines list debut at Nomad within Toronto.